• jackgarratt#tbt to the very last show I played from one of the most heartbreaking but life affirming years of my life so far. Shortly after I took this, I played a show in Brighton UK, thanked my crew and my friends, got in a car with Sarah and drove back to my mum and dads. I then woke up, got back in a car with Sarah and flew to my 'new' home in Chicago. I say 'new', but I'd been 'living there' for a year. I say 'living there', but I'd actually only spent a month of that year in Chicago. My spoons had more time to get aquatinted with the apartment than I did. I had to ask Sarah where we kept the spoons for the first couple of weeks.
    I am thankful she kept the house a home for us, as I would have been lost in my own home without her.

  • aderrrrrynAwwww🥄
  • kels.hoch@drewpm13
  • pura_vida_101@jackgarratt wow really your house is her home. I really love how you guys are with each other.
  • plstylingYou changed my life with your music, and seeing you live in Atlanta made mine live again. I'm glad she can keep yours grounded as you share your gift.
  • themotormouthMy house is your home UGH I love you two so much
  • lissettedaniela@rebeca_zepeda 😭
  • kaylan_frankBeautiful.
  • samanthamarq❤️❤️❤️ can't wait to see you buns!!!
  • nainai.naimy house is your home makes sense now
  • grandabyss'Aquatinted' should be a word. Patent that shit
  • emilycsykesDis so nice 🙏🏼
  • nelvistolentino😼
  • trumanblackout@tomadams14 😢😢 Brighton
  • tomadams14@trumanblackout so good much love for Jgarratt
  • kirajane14@bearjokes._ how cute it this
  • squiffoboxoYour performance in Notts was amazing. U r amazing and v talented. Had the best night ever. We all suffer for wat were are born to do!!! You're funny with so much stage presence which as fans we adore!!! Keep attacking!! @jackgarratt !!!!
  • 5454mike5454You gotta hit up some of the venues in Chicago. So much good music in that city. Empty Bottle and Schubas. Etc etc
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