#TBT: Cigar Aficionado's October 2015 issue, featuring Robert De Niro.
  • cigaraficmag#TBT: Cigar Aficionado's October 2015 issue, featuring Robert De Niro.

  • tgreen33authenticator....looks like you and your "community" are in the minority...ha. www.tradgang.com
  • schubacabraDeNiro = ❄️..
  • mcdonaldrazorsMy favorite Bud.
  • sfpedrosfLook 👀, a TURD 💩 on the cover. Not buying this magazine any longer. We are done with libs telling us how to "act".
  • chest.lMeh
  • tgreen33WOW...looks like "WE" have a 'community'...gotta love it!!! authenticated!!!
  • emccutcheon26Greatest actor ever. Plays some of the toughest, meanest characters ever featured in film... actually a snowflake liberal.
  • joetroyer2Love that guy. I was all excited thinking he was on the next cover!
  • tgreen33Great...snowflake excitement!!! (more non-stop laughter) !!!!!
  • tgreen33cw...cool... joet already peed his pants ...poor thing.
  • construxnycSubscription cancelled with that scumbag on throw cover
  • mrfishboxI'm Out
  • doncarlos_2Great magazine but no interest in reading about that actor.
  • wen_in_the_woodMy first hard copy issue, got in LAX on my first trip to the US
  • el_guapo1014These shoes?
  • cigarexcellenceGreat! 👌🏻
  • bombbusterWon't be renewing.
  • richluongo@emccutcheon26 HUGE snowflake
  • tgreen33Hey Authenticator I'm a Brotherhood of the Constitution unlike you..... I have the right to my opinion and now I see I've been censored by this magazine so not only am I not going to subscribe I'm now I'm following
  • tgreen33On the following seeing as how this is now a censorship Forum like most
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