• ckelsoA few months ago, I stumbled upon a video of Jemima Kirke (who plays Jessa on @girlshbo) via @stylelikeu's YT channel for their "What's Underneath Project" and they asked her why she recently cut her iconic blonde locks. She responded with: "I cut my hair because I realized my hair was one of the only things that made me feel pretty...I really believed for a while that without it, I would be boring." ⠀
    This answer to such a seemingly simple question took me by surprise. And it made me realize that I felt the same way. I had wanted for so long to experiment, to cut my hair short, but without even realizing it, deep down I feared that without my long hair I wouldn't see myself as "beautiful." Well, of course, the moment I woke up to this false story, I wanted to change it. I wanted to force myself to strip the comfort of that away and remind myself that I'm SO much more than just hair, or any physical attributes for that matter. ⠀
    This is the first drastic haircut I've gotten in seven years. And, OMG, does it feel freaking amazing. I feel 10x freer than I even imagined I would. On top of that, I feel proud of the personal growth I've made in the past few years, because when I look in the mirror, I don't even really SEE my hair... I see my happiness. My vitality. My love for myself and the life I've created. And that's what I want for every one of you reading this!⠀
    . ⠀
    So I guess the lesson today is to ask yourself what story you might be telling yourself about your own beauty or your own worth. And whatever risk you've been dreaming of, consider finally taking the plunge. See what freedom is waiting for you on the other side. 😄 ⠀
    Also... thanks to @stylelikeu for an incredible project. It made an impact on this girl and I'm sure it's done the same for so many others. #iamwhatsunderneath #theselfacceptancerevolution

  • ckelso@brittkf @smnappi 😂😂😂 THE CUT IS REAL.
  • ckelso@andkathleen Thank you! And your hair is fire both ways but more importantly YOU the lady could never be boring! 😉 Definitely appreciate you sharing that you felt the same way! 💞
  • ckelso@melsariffodeen thanks friend!
  • ckelso@elisee29 yes! I like dream of what my gray hair will look like too! 😍
  • ckelso@clayhebert Thanks Clay!
  • ckelso@erin3flynn haha lll send my long hair vibes over to you then!
  • ckelso@positivelypresent yes! Feels so energizing!
  • ckelso@soymuchbrighter good for you! And I know...those childhood voices really stick with us!
  • momoneylindsayLove the cut, girl!! 😘😘
  • jennifersteereStill beautiful!
  • meinfaibleI experienced the same when I cut it off last year! What an amazing feeling of freedom and "pure me"! 😍
  • naralee.co@ckelso amazing! I felt the exact same way and had mine cut yesterday, i feel so free!..I feared I would look less beautiful, but I think that through self-love we learn to love ourselves exactly as we are, so when the hair is gone this time round we go like "oh, I'm not my hair! And I am still beautiful and lovable!" 😊😙 you look beautiful fyi x
  • lilianasYou look beautiful 😘
  • flaholmanIt looks amazing!
  • luxurytravelweloveТhis is wonderful, but always thinks differently!
  • pardon.mf💗
  • shalaghhoganOne of the many things that impressed me about you. Your willingness to see through your story's BS. I shaved my head (long hair all my life) at 30 and went as GI Jane for Halloween. Soon after I was leaving my ex-husband. It was liberating and tough and I never regret it. Only that I didn't donate the hair. Rock on lovely lady!
  • julib2I LOVE the new haircut!!! 😍😍👏🏻👌🏻 So fresh! You look gorgeous! 💗
  • shityouregosays✨✌
  • happilyhenrichLOVE your new do! I want to cut mine a bit, but am nervous. Not because I don't think it will look good, but because I won't be able to just throw it up and with two minis I think I'd really miss that.
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