• tonicate10I am falling back in love with my #Kindle Fire HD. What are you reading? I'm currently in the middle of my #TheGrisha trilogy marathon.
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  • meloncremeIs it really worth it getting a kindle? Thinking of getting one but not the Kindle Fire.
  • tonicate10@meloncreme I actually want a Kindle Paperwhite - or any e-ink device kasi magaan. This is the old Kindle Fire HD, about 3yrs old na. Ang bigat so it's a hassle to bring everyday. To me, it's worth it. For convenience and space saving.
  • indiebookloungeVery cool! Always love seeing anything related to books that expands my knowledge or even just looks good 📙. Hope to see more nice posts soon.
  • meloncremeI want Paperwhite too. Pero medyo torn between Kindle or Kobo. Gusto ko kasi masakit minsan magbasa ng ebooks sa phone ng matagal.
  • tonicate10@meloncreme YES KOBO! Yun talaga yung gusto ko. Kobo Aura yata. I like the reviews and it accepts ePub format kesa mobi lang sa Kindle. Yah sa phone maliit yung screen pati.
  • meloncremeMost of my ebooks are in epub format. Hahaha. So I guess Kobo is the better choice?
  • tonicate10@meloncreme yeah. Unless matyaga ka mag-convert to mobi lol.
  • meloncremeAyoko magconvert. Nakakatamad. Hassle din pati. Hahaha.
  • mrrentaspoonsGood device! I love to read as well. You should read the Secrets In Forever by CT JACKSON next. It's on kindle. Its a love story based out of NYC with a lot of plot twist. It's a really good read! Check it out! Dope!
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