It was really fun being the "Queen Bee" 🐝in March for the #beehiveswarmmerrilee! Here are all the blocks I received so far plus my own. (I'm just waiting on two more). Swipe to see more of what came with my happy mail, including lots of scraps and bigger pieces of fabric (will be so fun to play with!) plus a queen bee T-shirt, a beautiful cross-stitched pin cushion, a little zippy pouch, lots of tea, and more plus chocolate already consumed! πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much to all the ladies in our "swarm"! 😍 @driftedindrive @colorcreatingandquilting @patternsbyjen @quilterbirgit @jujoomama @herediabrown @hippyleft62 @munchkinkittypaws @katelyinmt
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