The grades class is learning about plural nouns. In Mrs.
Wishon's fox story, grandfather fox (who wears glasses, lights his candle with matches and lives behind a hill of churches) tells the Aesop fable of the Fox Without His Tail to his grandchildren. It is a story of discernment. Along those lines, the students are discerning the rules of making nouns plural. When a word ends in x, ch, s or sh, es is added rather than just s. "Bringing these little rules through a story I've made up makes it much more accessible to the child's memory," says Mrs. Wishon. "Firstly it has been warmed by my forces making it easy for the child to grasp, and the concept is brought in pictures which feeds the soul life of the child." #waldorfinspired #waldorfeducation #waldorfworks #waldorfschool #waldorfchalkboard #aesopfable #slocounty #shareslo #visitslo #centralcoast #cacentralcoast #beautifullososos #lososos
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