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  • mallary_hopeMy new single #NOW comes out everywhere TOMORROW!!! Ahhh! I can't believe it's actually here. The last song I released was 7 years ago. Wow! What a crazy journey. 😱 I hope when you hear this song it inspires you to keep on going! Sometimes God's plans for us, are not what we had in mind,but I promise they are so much better.❤️
    It Hits radio April 21st but some stations are playing it early, (THANK YOU GUYS) 🙌🏻 so please let me know if you hear it on your local Christian station. It makes me giddy and scream with delight when you do! Please share with your family & friends. Thanks for always sticking with me. Lots of love to YOU! 💕
  • violinenflamingoit's out in Germany!!!!!!!just bought it on itunes!!!
  • jessica_baker23Congratulations!
  • laurenashdeasSuper excited to hear one of the most beautiful voices back on the air waves. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait for the album.
  • ucandoodle2Been waiting for seven years! Excited for a new mallary hope song
  • gregsykes🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • christy.christmasssMal @mallary_hope just heard your song as we are out in garage on radio!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
  • mallary_hope@christy.christmasss whattt? No way! What station?
  • mallary_hope@laurenashdeas you're so sweet! Thank you
  • mallary_hope@violinenflamingo you did?! Yay! Thank hou
  • christy.christmasss@mallary_hope girl WAYFM Charleston, SC! I freaked out!!! So excited!!!!
  • smitwickI cannot wait!!!!
  • mallary_hope@christy.christmasss yayyyy! That's so exciting thank you for letting me know
  • kathleenbyrne1I can't wait!! I'm so happy for you 😍👍
  • violinenflamingothank YOU for releasing it!it's amazing!!
  • danielledeedeeYaaaaay!!! Congrats!
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