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  • lindsayl0veewhat can i say? i like the juxtaposition of overpriced furniture and underpriced candles πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ•―πŸ’–

  • mr_k3vin_rI love this one! burning it now ! im impresssed!!
  • lindsayl0vee@mr_k3vin_r ME TOO! Kev I HATE cereal scents and this smells exactly like Froot Loops on cold but burning it's laying my soul!
  • lindsayl0vee@lindsayl0vee *slaying* ahemmmm
  • julihontasOne of my favorites πŸ’š
  • lindsayl0vee@julihontas girl I was so late to the bandwagon, hated it on cold! Once it filled my family room I was like hoooooly bakery goodness!
  • mr_k3vin_r@lindsayl0vee The lemon creammm comes out. And the crust note! I saw the video when you said u dont do cereal scents!
  • julihontas@lindsayl0vee It's a~mazing!!! I seriously need to get to Kohl's and buy more πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š lol!! I'm obsessed with this one 😍
  • lindsayl0vee@julihontas same!! This three maybe 5 minutes into first burn and I knew i needed more!
  • donnascheitlinI need to get on the Sonoma Candles bandwagon...I always see them at Kohls but figured they probably didn't throw so never bothered. But this one sounds amazing!
  • bellalove29I have never purchased a candle from Kohls until you just recommended this one. I only go to Yankee, Kringle or Victoria's and let me tell you.. the second I opened this candle, I had a nosegasm! It smells absolutely ahhhhmazing!!!!😍 JUST like key lime pie. You can smell the graham cracker crust and tart key limes. It's incredible.
  • lindsayl0vee@bellalove29 yes!!!! The graham cracker really comes out warm! It's a total nosegasm!
  • lindsayl0vee@donnascheitlin oh girl this one THROWS!!!!! I've tried a few other sonomas and didn't get half as good a performance but this one is sooooo worth the hype
  • donnascheitlin@lindsayl0vee Ok, sold! I need to hunt this one down at my local Kohls. Seems like the perfect spring into summer scent to burn!
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