• followmeto🇯🇵 The Tokyo metro is one of the main sights of the city! It’s the most complex and the busiest underground in the world! Just think: more than 3,5 billion people use it every year! We needed an hour to wrap our minds around all the intricate crossings of lines and stations. And Murad seemingly even like it! 😁😅check out our new video! (Link in bio) 🇯🇵 Токийское метро — одна из главных достопримечательностей города! Самая сложная и самая загруженная подземка во всем мире! Только представьте, каждый год ей пользуется более 3,5 миллиардов людей! Мы потратили ни один час, чтобы разобраться во всех хитросплетениях линий и узлах пересадок. А Мураду, судя по его довольному лицу, это даже понравилось!😊😅 смотрите наше новое видео (ссылка в профиле)!!
  • blonde_on_holidaysSuper cool photo 😊 love it
  • farhatfatimaquadiri@gypsy.trix osmans wife looks like u.... Natali Osman 😍
  • oumaimaaiboudi@mahesh.shah.hyd i was also irritated with this statistic and googled Tokyo s population; 13.62 million in 2016 😅 so it can be 3 billion people take it every day i think they meant 3 millions ..
  • jpark_estacionamentoRtb sdv todos
  • mahesh.shah.hyd@oumaimaaiboudi that's true... and probably you can consider global tourists or business visitors however that won't make such a huge difference ... let's leave this to @followmeto @muradosmann 😀
  • re_searcherНе знаю, помоему она не сложная если есть интернет и гугл, а через несколько дней логика запоминается, и уже везде идешь на автопилоте. Все сделано для людей.
  • mi_0u0I work and live in Tokyo. Amazing city. Did you see cherryblossoms yet? They're perfect. You wouldn't see them soon. Take a lot of photos and let us show them! Enjoy!
  • tmtsikWelcome to Tokyo! The metro in commuting time is a battlefield (^皿^) Please come and visit again.
  • yumosapienOmg!!! Your in Tokyo!!! Love ur work, can't wait to see follow-me in Tokyo!!
  • merarys_gil❤️👍👍❤️
  • followmeto@tamara_tsaritsa довольно лояльно!) кимоно там никого не удивишь)
  • followmeto@x_eagle_ we definitely should come to Egypt! 😍
  • followmeto@oumaimaaiboudi not per day but per year!) and you also forget about tourists!))
  • emesoyTu con la cámara tipo chill en el metro se Caracas 😂😂😂 #SíLuis @josecarlosoc
  • oumaimaaiboudiOkay now it makes more sens @followmeto
  • oumaimaaiboudiI was only wondering because I am a logical person, I love all your pictures btw and looking forward to discover new destinations with you guys! You are our window to the world, THANK YOU ! @followmeto
  • creacreastudioKeep on rockin!
  • followmeto@oumaimaaiboudi thank you for your questions and attention! We really appreciate it!😊😘
  • roamingbutterfly@followmeto good to see Murad smiling
  • followmeto@roamingbutterfly 😁😁
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