Those last few days as a family of three were so bittersweet for me! You feel the end of an era in your family history coming to a close, you worry about having enough love to fully cover both of your children while making sure to love your spouse (& yourself) well, you're anxious to meet the sweet little person who is making you so uncomfortable. ⠀
There is fear of how the dynamic will change and how you will handle parenting more than one kiddo & there's the anticipation of watching the one who made you a mama become a sibling. ⠀
I am always and forever grateful to be able to photograph those bittersweet days for my clients & as I work on their galleries I pray for them as a family. I pray that they know it's waaaaaay more sweet than bitter & that the love & laughter in their life is about to multiply more than they could ever imagine. #bmariephoto #bmariephotomaternity #bmariephotofamily
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