@Regrann from @nelliemcfitness -  Casual team pic after @alimck1 hardcore session @foundryfit After been ill at the weekend I was worried I'd lost my strength. The ultimate test was going to @city.strongman to check I could still lift that 60kg atlas stone and managed it! 💪Tyre flipping wasn't quite so successful, managed the first one then couldn't get my grip on the other attempts. Need to work on my technique. Thanks both @alimck1 @r_o_c_fitness for tips. Thank you @estherwilliamspt for being a great partner to work with. In awe of your log lifts Esther! 😳 #highlightofmyweek #CityStrongman 👊 sorry for not tagging everyone, let me know if you would like me to add your name 😬#wereyoupractisinganewdancemovetodayRebecca? 😂 Thank you for 📷 @sm1thy83 
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