• ethicalwriters[Introducing Our Members] Meet MEGHANN PERCY
    From @KissThatWorld a blog founded after Meghann became tired of feeling frustrated, powerless and guilty about climate change. She hopes to use her experiences, experiments, and humor to empower others to live happily and sustainably — without asking them to denounce all possessions, use sticks for currency or chain themselves to a tree…

    In her past life, Meghann was a NCAA div 1 swimmer, tropical field biologist, organic farmer, elephant keeper, outdoor educator, and at some point, obtained a B.S. in Conservation. Now, you can find her surfing, holding her cats, and eating pizza on Sundays.

  • leotielovelyWelcome @kissthatworld ! Looking forward to following your journey xoxo
  • mandamaldo✨ 👌
  • kasimartinExcited to read her work!
  • kissthatworld@leotielovely 😊 thank you!
  • lenainnycHi @kissthatworld 🌿🌿✨looking forward to seeing your posts!
  • sustaininglifeHaiiiiii! Welcome :)
  • terumah.magHi @kissthatworld, looking forward to your posts!
  • jesuisbre@monicvlynn
  • modavanti😍
  • inspire_active_wearYou go girl!🐶
  • model4greenlivingWelcome, Meghann!! The struggle is a real one... but I'm glad that we're in it together!
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