What an amazing bunch of people.
  • thereallukeevansWhat an amazing bunch of people.

  • cumber_hiddles221b@lilyjamesdesilufan yeah but he's a celebrity.. so he knows people are going to bother and ask, he knew his risks when posting it in the first place.
  • cumber_hiddles221b@neens_elana we aren't sticking our noses where they don't belong 😂 he's a celebrity and he posted it publicly to over 700k people, what did you expect?
  • cumber_hiddles221b@neens_elana I get it, he can have his privacy- but he's not gonna get much of it when he posts it to 700k
  • neens_elana@cumber_hiddles221b so what he deserves to have a private life like anyone else and like I said if he wanted ppl to know he would've said a name it's no ones business who he's with or not with its called respect he shouldn't have had to delete what he first wrote on account of ppl bugging him that's just mean 😒
  • neens_elanaI knew someone would try challenge my comment and use the "he's a celebrity" excuse 😑
  • neens_elanaPpl didn't have to tag Josh Gad I'm sure neither of them appreciated it at all obviously luke didn't considering he deleted his original caption
  • cumber_hiddles221b@neens_elana yeah it's mean for people to do that, but it doesn't mean they're not going to. Luke deserves a private life but posting that where everyone can see it , it was bound to be questioned like so many people did
  • neens_elana@cumber_hiddles221b yes I understand that I just feel really bad for him I can't imagine what it could be like to have so many ppl question every bit of your life 🙁 and thanks for being respectful to me with your comments not many ppl like that on the internet
  • dragluonI hope you don't try to this😢,don'r worry,we will support you!😌
  • cumber_hiddles221b@neens_elana I feel bad for him too! It's just one of those things where if he wants a private life then he should keep it private bc he knows ppl will ask about it if he posts. Thanks for acknowledging that, you were still being feisty with me and I was trying not to 😂 but yeah I love having conversations with people with different opinions but on the Internet it gets crazy 🙄
  • neens_elana@cumber_hiddles221b sorry for being feisty haha I have a soft spot for this man for some reason 🙂
  • cumber_hiddles221b@neens_elana same 💚
  • bethanybobs@daleh1994 @with_full_twigg @mazjane616 GOALS!
  • abby.jenkins.12@hawaiiblue16 but josh has a wife....
  • abby.jenkins.12@yazurki he deleted the original message(which was so cute) because he was getting annoyed because tons of people were saying the "special someone@ is @joshgad which is obvi not true, josh has a wife and he was getting annoyed because it's his personal life and he probably doesn't want to share with the world right now, and people were making false assumptions that it's josh
  • hawaiiblue16@abby.jenkins.12 I know, I was just thinking that cause they're such good friends 😂
  • dailydoseoflukeevans@thereallukeevans I would love to visit there❤❤❤
  • athenaka.akRegardless of the number of followers, the guy still has a right to send a shout out to his special someone.
  • proudofdybalaOH HE DELETED IT 😕
  • hangonyi_kataMagyarország❤
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