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  • bryantanakaWent Easter egg hunting today... kinda. #HappyEaster 🐰🥚🐣 #MuchLove

  • lucyber5606Do u really think Mariah trust a man who has been cheating on her and cant b trust,a man that cant take his eyes of other woman , cuz tháts the reason they got devorced...and its clearly Nick is stil serounding himself with mòre ths
  • lucyber5606Srry. with mòre than one woman. So no not Nick counts , ONLY them babies counts for Mariah...
  • lucyber5606And i can say anything i like. I dont KNOW u child.
  • lucyber5606To Bryan :only U can end these speculations by telling the TRUTH please ?
  • valeriagat_12#muchlove❤️ #bryantanaka Our 🏆🤴🏻
  • mimisbutterflys@lucyber5606 Remember when people spoke proper English and stated proper facts? I don't think you fo since youre doing the opposite.
  • gobacklikebabiesandpacifiers@lucyber5606 Work on your grammar and sentence structure. I wouldn't be typing if I were you because you are embarrassing herself
  • 52liliHi Bryan.just want you to know that lots people support and love u.I know that Ur smart enough to turn the page and move on forward.Live your passions and follow your Dreams and your heart God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕
  • lucyber5606Look who's talking ! Idobt
  • lucyber5606Uhh who are you? Coz , i DONT know you all. And about the englisch , SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!
  • keepyaheadupaheroliesinyouBryan I feel so bad for you. Mimi is all over the internet with Nick going on a date. It looks like they might be getting back together. I'm kinda disappointed in you for not stepping up and fighting for your love. If you really loved her you wouldn't give up! If y'all relationship was so true why did y'all break up over something so petty such as jealousy! Your break up makes no sense to me! Just a couple of weeks ago Mariah was happy go lucky with you on her birthday and during St Patricks Day! How did it end like this so quick?! Smh
  • joihasquestions😄
  • marissa12_9Brian tiene nuevo instagram @bryan_and_mila
  • dumbbell_akir u ok?
  • lucyber5606I dont thnk they were much in love , never saw 1pic they were so in love idknw, they didnt look as a real couple... Maybe what they had was just a bussiness deal. I think Nick was right .
  • lolly1160💜
  • 52lili@lucyber5606 I think she was dating him just "to try"how Does a dancer taste like ?whereas he was really in love with her.
  • keepyaheadupaheroliesinyou@52lili that's not Mariah
  • keepyaheadupaheroliesinyou@lucyber5606 well you're contradicting yourself cuz based on your other comments you saw love between them.
  • 52lili@keepyaheadupaheroliesi @keepyaheadupaheroliesinyou I hope that I'm wrong.
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