• paper_tigressI've been testing out @vintnersdaughter's Active Botanical Serum from @netaporter's beauty site #netabeauty (which is full of hard-to-find-in-SG-beauty-brands btw) for just over a week now, so here's a mini review .
    My skin seems to really like it. It's made entirely from natural oils and botanical extracts and contains precisely zero of those weird chemical compounds I can't pronounce. I was so surprised by the ingredients list on the packaging that I didn't believe it at first and had to google 😂 But it really is all plant-based .
    I was raised to believe in natural remedies: thanks to my mom, I learned to sniff eucalyptus whenever I had a blocked nose, use citronella instead of bug spray, take lavender baths to calm down, and treat breakouts with tea tree. This blend of natural extracts and oils that brighten, soothe and repair feels like the perfect progression for my skin and sensibilities. Personally I feel more comfortable using this regularly over serums that have synthetic actives
    Ever since I discovered a *ahem* certain very-hyped blue oil broke me out, I have been looking for a "magic potion" nighttime facial oil...and this is IT for me. It smells amazing, the texture is extremely elegant for a facial oil, it absorbs well and it feels immediately calming. No breakouts, no clogs, no greasy feeling. It's got a permanent place in my nightly routine now and is definitely coming to LA with me. #presssample

  • paper_tigress@mialovespretty ah yes. Smell is important...though to be honest I have rubbed some pretty pungent stuff on my face in the name of beauty 😂
  • rosegoldboutiquesydney✖️💜
  • mialovespretty@paper_tigress haha love it. Skii facial essence stink is as stinky as I'd go 😂
  • kaleidescopic_irisOh my gosh I was going to buy it..thanks for ur review😘
  • evieblenderPretty awesome :)
  • vintnersdaughterThank you so much for sharing. Thrilled that you and your skin are so happy!! 💗❤️💗❤️
  • avgvs_official👍👋
  • womanoftasteLove reading your mini review! 🙌🏼 Now I want to try @vintnersdaughter too 😃😃
  • dnaamsterdam💫
  • lebonmaquillageGreat review!!! I didn't like Luna either! I need to try this!
  • paper_tigress@kaleidescopic_iris let me know what you think of it :)
  • paper_tigress@vintnersdaughter kudos for creating such an awesome product! My skin and I send our compliments ;)
  • paper_tigress@lebonmaquillage I *wanted* to love Luna, I really did. It works so well on my mom too, which was the real kicker 😭
  • lebonmaquillage@paper_tigress I know what you mean. I really wanted to love Luna as well, but it just wasn't working for me. I did really like good genes, did you try that? I love @herbivorebotanicals Lapis though!!! SO much better. I'd like to try this one as well!
  • paper_tigress@lebonmaquillage good genes is in my daily rotation, I love it so much! That's another reason I was so surprised when Luna broke me out. I'll have to check out Lapis, thanks for the recommendation!
  • lebonmaquillageSounds like our skin likes similar stuff! 😄
  • vintnersdaughter@paper_tigress Come visit us in Napa. 💗🌷💗
  • paper_tigress@vintnersdaughter I'm en route to LA in a week, so I just might!
  • vintnersdaughterCome on up!! 🍇🌸🍇🌸
  • amanda_lash
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