13/100. near Parson, BC rest stop along #highway95, August 2014. #100daysofpeoplepics. 
for the most part, I have a lot of faith in humanity, I kind of expect the best of people. I imagine strangers to be the unsuspectingly kind-hearted folks you see in holiday made-for-tv-movies, regardless of their appearance or situation. but as a woman, a woman who travels and explores the world solo often times, I also have to be alert, aware, even skeptical, which is sometimes against my natural instincts and impulses. there is a vast collection of beautiful portraits that I saw, once upon a time, and never captured because I was forcing myself to be 'sensible' in the moment. never made photos of a beautiful face I saw in an alley where I decided it was better to keep moving at an I-have-places-to-be pace rather than to stop and pull out a camera and talk to strangers. on this particular occasion, a hot day in august when the heat (which I generally love) had made me sleepy enough to pull over for a quick nap, rather than nodding off on the road, I debated for a long while. I was solo in a remote rest area, without cell service, and curious about the man in my rearview mirror. I watched him for a while, wondered if the boat on his car was indeed the same model of kayak I first learned to paddle whitewater in, wondered if it was terrible decision-making to get out of my vehicle and engage with this stranger, ask him for a portrait. obviously, I decided it was ok to ask, and obviously, I survived the episode just fine. it's not my favorite photo, but it's a reminder to myself to keep on trusting that humans are good, overall, and that it's okay (even valuable) to interact with any and almost all of them. that, and he surprised me by asking if his pet #bunny could be in the photo too. I said yes. what if we all said yes more often? maybe we'd end up meeting nice folks more often, maybe we'd meet the #easterbunny.
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