• soulscriptsI clearly wasn't ready for this LOL. We don't really post the photos we're not ready for. We don't really do anything we're not ready for, do we? We're so busy preparing, pulling it all together, and appearing ready. But are we ever really ready? Is anyone really as pulled together in real life as we look on resumes and internet profiles?
    Not this girl. Maybe you feel like that, too.
    But Easter--Christ's resurrection--reminds us of this reality: we are redeemed in our UNREADINESS. Because when all our ducks are out of line, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8) and has made us new (Romans 4:6). So if you feel unchristian enough to be called a Christian, if you believe that you shouldn't tell people you love Jesus because you haven't cleaned your life up enough, or if you just don't *feel* ready, HEAR ME GIRL:
    You are not your fowl mouth, you are not the number of guys you've been with, you are not the impatient woman, you are not "that girl", you are not the addict, the lonely abandoned girl or the girl with an eating disorder. You are redeemed, you are made new. Not when you get it together. Not when you get your ducks in a row. Not when you pose and smile real pretty. Not when you're ready. Right now. The second you say: Jesus, take me as I am.
    Promise, He will. Xx #soulscripts

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