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  • kristylee15This was my last run on Venom! I miss him already! 😭😭😭 hard to let go of a horse you build a bond with, and they learn to trust you. I don't get attached to a lot of things but I evidently was attached to him. Lol

    He was such a fun horse and he taught me so much, We lived in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, California, Utah and back to Texas!
    He's already spoiled at his new home and the new owners are so sweet! Im so excited he's with them! Im also excited to get a foal out of him, I just need to find a reset mare!
    #venom #mylittlestud

  • tberg750Sorry you had to let him go; i don't get attached to people, but my animals i love. God bless you Kristy
  • gloriaboenkerSomeone amazing videoed this! 😜😜😜 And she didn't fall off the trailer while she did it! @kristylee15
  • bwanabubbaYou will bond to the next Champion @kristylee15
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