Mrs. Gibson 💗🍦 #SamanthaLeeGibson #Tyrese #IceCreamConvos
  • icecreamconvos_Mrs. Gibson 💗🍦 #SamanthaLeeGibson #Tyrese #IceCreamConvos

  • za_zaroseHe is clearly answering for the ppl who keep caring about her not being black enough, which is petty. If you don't care, then why comment???! 🤔
  • marciarose3910When you confident it's obvious I don't we don't owe no one an explanation for nothing. Ain't answering questions either. Boom
  • mztdadivaLong as he happy all that should matter!
  • skinnylisa1420He acts like she's the only woman with a Masters. OK she's finished college is that the only reason you married her. I know a lot of people get married and help each other get their degrees, help each other build their empire. Shut up and enjoy your wife.
  • skinnylisa1420@saysejh Exactly just as he's talking about he wanted a woman who didn't want his money that wife was thinking I'm good on my own but he's successful too. Goes both ways boo boo.
  • ciaraslayzTyrese's Latin American Queen
  • ultimatediva007Hope she can use her Masters to aid his singing career.
  • sholandaneeely😍
  • kionraj11345Who gives a flying FCK what he does.Steuuuupps
  • mels_3Whhhhy does he feel the need to constantly validate his actions👀 happy, married and make a album, do more acting and shut up 🤐
  • impeccaplesg@miqques thank you
  • impeccaplesgPeople want to say Tyrese is lying, but no one who actually knows who Samantha is saying anything
  • impeccaplesgSamantha is a mixed female. Her real father is european and Native American. Was raised by her African American stepfather. Her mother is BLACK LATINA: born in Ecuador, mixed with Jamaican but family roots are from GHANA. She does not identify as Hispanic solely, she more or less identifies as either mixed or black. People want to make her participating in a MULTICULTURAL PAGEANT as her claiming Latin American, when she was pledging for the sorority running the pageant who was looking for MULTICULTURAL participants. In fact, white and black participants were involved, An African American female actually won the pageant
  • bellekunoichi@mels_3 100%
  • bellekunoichi@saysejh lmao
  • bellekunoichi@iamnikawatkins right where is his though??
  • impeccaplesgIt's about spreading love, life is too short to be searching for a reason to hate on someone or something
  • mrs.knoxHe got more issues that Vogue!!!! #boybye✌
  • lexxichase@qsnewdizzyliz831 people are not pressed about the girl. Tyrese was talking shit a couple days ago about women who wear weaves and get cosmetic surgery, you know liposuction and other enhancements. so ppl came for him that all of a sudden he married a non-black woman and he's talking smack about black women. I think they comments were more to get under his skin more than it was that people are really bothered by who he married. I mean for me either way I could care less who that man marries. 😂😂😂😂😂
  • qsnewdizzyliz831@lexxichase this was after the fact. Ppl been dawging this man and his wife since he announced his nuptials smh. His wife is not a "non black" woman and you have so many woman trying so hard to be what they're not they're killing themselves i.e. but injections so he has somewhat of a point! He wasn't takin shit about black women that's how most received it because he sings and advocates for natural beauty and black queens. So now his wife is light coat of melanin everybody wants to go in on him lol.
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