Dulce de leche jars #nom #instantpot
  • sneffyrobogeishaDulce de leche jars #nom #instantpot

  • k3mb3rli3Do you have a recipe book available on amazon yet???
  • sneffyrobogeisha@k3mb3rli3 Ha! No. Only 20 extra lbs. 🐳
  • k3mb3rli3I'll pay 20 quid for your book any day!!!
  • k3mb3rli3Or why don't you create an app that includes your recipes with pics.
  • k3mb3rli3I know that probably exists already...but somethibg that when I open instagram I got these yummy food photos and all the tricks in the world to do the same.
  • k3mb3rli3In any case...I'm so proud to know I have a friend who can cook and bake such yumminess. Thank you!!
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