• misdiyRandom long post ALERT*
    Not everyday I share a bathroom shot....*gasp* I know. I mean who really wants to see a shot of our 'powder room'?! 1. It's tiny 2. Unfinished and 3. Hard to photograph but after we tucked our littles into bed and I was making my walk through picking up this sight stopped me in my tracks. Our sweet 3 year old curly haired girl pulled the stool from our kitchen up to the sink to wash her tiny hands after playing with our kitty sage. Why am I sharing this? Well friends, this sweet shot is a reminder that our spaces don't have to be perfectly put together to be PERFECT!! I love this little room because our girls wash their hands here, the washer and dryer are stacked here and they work almost daily to clean the tiny clothes. One day the hand towels will stay hung in their place no longer used by little hands, the washing machine will get less use and the perfect paint color won't matter but these moments will. 💜
    Mudcloth sign by Laney @pine.and.birch
    Tap photo for sources.
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  • gram_gram6So sweet and so true!
  • farmhandmadecoThis is the best kind of insta-perfect.
  • denicehicks5What a sweet post 💕
  • harperandarrowmarketplaceI absolutely love love love the sentiment behind this post ❤ You are so right! And to be honest I think this bathroom is adorable!
  • misdiy@mytrustedtreasures 😘😘😘 Thank you sweet friend!!! Love you
  • misdiy@gram_gram6 @farmhandmadeco @denicehicks5 @harperandarrowmarketplace Y'all are so sweet!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! 💜
  • dafhx2So so true...sweet
  • starsiniowaIt looks perfect to me! 😉
  • anna.c.whiteLove this! I have been wondering how to help my little one reach the sink when she can wash her hands on her own... that stool caught my eye. 😁
  • misdiy@anna.c.white It's from Ikea! We love it, so much that we have two. Lol
  • thequiltedcollieSo true! My kids are now grown, and it happened before I knew it or was ready for it😅
  • sj616💞
  • ungerfamilyfarmsAmen
  • misdiy@thequiltedcollie I think it's a bit of both isn't it?! So sad. I try not to blink...
  • momma2_3sweetpeasCherish!
  • poppys_place_Love this 💜
  • candicebowerSo very true!❤️
  • sandi_with_iGreat perspective!
  • ocneeneeOh boy - No truer words and thoughts. My kids are now adults and have their own kids and I, way too often, reminisce of years gone by and how quickly they grew up. Enjoy these days while they're little. #youcantslowdowntime 💗
  • curlysue822I have been looking for a vanity for months! My poor guest bath has a newly tiles shower, new toilets, and pipes out the wall with no vanity 😂 Please share where you got this vanity/top! Love it! @misdiy
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