• jerzydrozdBoulder and Fleet research #boulderandfleet

  • pencileroDavid Attenborough did a great job covering this one. I'm not messing with a spider, much less one large enough to be audibly upset with you and able to shoot leg hairs into your eyes! 😱😱😱
  • ktshyAaaaaaaaaugh!!!!!
  • magicbeancreationsThey eat birds! Should fans be worried?? 😅
  • jerzydrozd@magicbeancreations who needs to make up monsters??
  • bradndeanKnowing this thing exists makes me very happy that I do not have a spider phobia. This future Boulder & Fleet story is going to rock!
  • fable_impactI used to think visiting the rain forest would be a great adventure. Then Attenborough pointed out that knocking the wrong tree can cause several of these things to come raining down on your head..... Nope!
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