We lost one of the great ones today. Rest In Peace Fr. Monan. #BC
  • chrisodonnellWe lost one of the great ones today. Rest In Peace Fr. Monan. #BC

  • sbaker1960My condolences to you and your family. R.I.P.
  • ery_gcallen86Sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. 🙏🙏🙏
  • ncis.drugRIP😣💕
  • che_cara@rbg2212 no it isn't disrepectful, you cannot tar every priest with the same brush, there were and still good priests out there doing great work day in and day out. This post by Chris was obviously heartfelt and you know the saying sometimes if you can't say something nice just don't say anything
  • richtsjesSad to hear so... losing people you trusted feelings to is always hard.
  • g.callen.ncislaSorry for your loss Chris! RIP💗💔 😫 @chrisodonnell
  • sina.wachR.i.p
  • dcslsapSo sorry for your loss
  • snyder_seanSorry for your loss. R.I.P
  • ashling1984Sorry for your loss💗
  • alex.rueda.vlc15Sorry for your loss chris💙
  • chris_odonnellfan❤️
  • grishacallenSo very sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Peace and all those who loved him find comfort❤️
  • cdauer39I am so sorry for your loss Chris! May he RIP with God in Heaven.
  • wendyyeseniamaganaSorry for your loss @chrisodonnell
  • ivonne_jansenlamersI am sorry for your loss. Cherish your thought of him.
  • jcreynolds48So sorry. Prayers and hugs.
  • yanaberjawimay he rest in peace, sorry for your loss
  • jolirey😖😖😖😖Rip
  • insta_densi_Hey @chrisodonnell ! We heard that @canalae will do a Facebook Live Chat from the red carpet at tonights PaleyFest! Since there are a lot of fans from all over the world (!!) who are not able to come (or watch the panel since there is no livestream) .... Please go say hi to them on the red carpet!!!! We will be forever gratefull and I cannot wait to see all the other pictures and videos from the lucky fans that will be there! Have lots of fun tonight! 🎉😆
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