All this #boycotthawaii chatter has me dreaming of this beautiful place and itching to go back. Surely someone out there in Instagram land is looking for an adventure loving photographer for their #kauaielopement or intimate wedding? Kauai is on my destination wedding bucket list which means that significant discounts may be available (depending on the date)! I took this picture of my husband @jasper9 standing on the beach in Kapa'a the day before we set off for our five day backpacking/beach lounging trip on the Kalalau Trail. I had heard SO MUCH about how scary and dangerous that trail was that I was  more than a little bit nervous. Kalalau wasn't scary at all but it was every bit as magical as I had dreamed it would be. Everyone needs to go there at least once in their lives (and hopefully way more than that ... :P ).
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