• april.for.daysSo this naughty boy has suddenly decided he's no longer going to take a bottle. Jon was kind and offered to take him for me last night thinking he could feed him...Nope! He won't have it. He was doing great with them before and has decided he's on strike! Any suggestions? I'm a blessed Mama because he nurses like a champ... I just would like to leave him for more than 2 hours every once in awhile... #momlife #bottlestrike
  • stephanie.kelly.clarkThis happened to Winnie too. She took the bottle so well all through the nicu. But once she got home and realized she can have boob all the time it was no more to do with the bottle. I tried all different brands as well. Nothing worked :( good luck momma.
  • kiss.kandyStinker!!! He's totally Jons boy though....all about dem boobies!!!
  • staci1218Ugh this was toots...Luckily she spread her feedings out so she wasn't demanding boob so much but yeah she refused the bottle. I'm sorry love this baby love his mama and typical man loves the boob 😉 . Try diff types of bottles with diff nipples, always of mom is out of sight that helps otherwise I don't knowwww
  • jekka_mweeUgh, so sorry! None of mine would ever take a bottle. I had to nurse through thrush and mastitis at the same time because apparently she would rather starve than take a bottle. I hope he changes his mind and your boobs get a bit of a break every once in awhile. Crossing my fingers for your Ta-Tas.
  • stephglarsenI'm right there with you. It's tough!
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