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  • quiltville_bonnieAll of the important flags are up. I took a little hike down our steep drive to explore. I love the sound of burbling rivulets along side the lane. And it was much steeper going back up than it was going down. This is also a test to see how long it takes to post from the upstairs guest bedroom window. We are a hughesnet fail---there is a clump of trees that have to come down before satellite internet or high def dish network is possible. The Hubster is all ready to rev up the chain saw. Oh boy. 😄
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  • carols.listsOh wow, I can hear the chainsaw rumble all the way to here, lol. I can just see all the positions you get in trying to get more lines of service,lol
  • quiltville_bonnieNow we know. It took 45 minutes for this to upload. #remoteliving
  • tullygarronYou are on the top of the hill, put a cell tower on the chimney!
  • bghsrhsSorry, we should have warned you about the lack of cell service in VA. At least for those of us in rural VA. I think there is a conspiracy. Haven't heard anything good about Hughes net Maybe you can save the trees a little while. At least you have one bar. I have to drive 15 miles for one. Love the boonies 👩‍🌾🐓🚜🦌🐖
  • buffysummers2001For cell service put a repeater on your chimney. You can buy them off of Amazon . This is what we did at our cabin because the only cell service was on the roof! Now, we use a cellular hotspot for cellphone and internet service . My husband watches Netflix while our daughter uses the internet and I make a phone call. We have no problems.
  • nebcitygal1What did you do with your other cabin?
  • quiltville_bonnie@nebcitygal1 it is for sale.
  • quiltgalsjc@bghsrhs that might be a little too far in the boonies for me for anytime longer than 2-3 days.
  • nordtpI love that burbling sound also! So relaxing.
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