• shortsnlongsBeauty and the Beast came out during that window of time when I was no longer a kid and not yet a parent, so I may have only seen it once on VHS at some point years later, but that didn't dampen my excitement to see the remake, especially with this girl.
    Our movie time was sold out, and by the time we had killed 10 minutes wandering Southdale and then waited in line for theatre seats for 45 minutes more, we were best friends with a pizza parlor owner, an insomniac tea salesman, and everyone else waiting in line.
    But my favorite part was the movie. !!!!! It was all the feels, people. All the feels. 😊😍😂😭😱😭💞💞💞
    #beourguest #taleasoldastime #everjustthesame #everasurprise #beautyandthebeast

  • erinmargaretbennettI took Jack and Leah today. SO good!!!!!
  • shortsnlongs@erinmargaretbennett I know right?!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💞
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