• aintilatinaIt hit me: No one speaks Garifuna.

    Ida biña? (How are you?) Webuga! (Let’s go!) Belú. (Come in.) Buiti Binafi. (Good Morning.) Numada. (My friend.) Words and phrases I heard my parents speak were unheard of.
    It's Garifuna-American Heritage Month and our founder Janel Martinez shares her experience growing up as a Garifuna-American.
    Hit the link in the bio to read.

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  • janelm@itneedstobefab Happy Garifuna Heritage Month, querida!!! Thank you for reading -- a lot of us have similar stories. Would love to hear yours as well 💛 ⚪⚫
  • newnormsOh how I love my culture @ayanasanch
  • iamhealthyfitI make it my job to talk to my family in Garifuna. I also have a Garifuna bible that is try to read consistently. I need to get better at it. I am going to be dancing Punta all month long a D sharing videos on my page. Music is a great way of staying connected to the language. Thank you for sharing!
  • aintilatina@iamhealthyfit So important! Thank you for sharing as well! :) Also, please tag us/let us know when your videos are live so we can share.
  • cultivatelove15I was just jamming to Punta this week. Somos vecinos. BTW, I plan to be taking several trips to NY starting late April, not sure where you're at, but once I re-launch blog and get my life together let's connect lol 😉 @aintilatina
  • eclecticmixxLoved this! 💜💜💜💜
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  • aintilatina@cultivatelove15 Let us know when you're in NYC 😊
  • aintilatina@eclecticmixx Gracias! ❤❤❤
  • four_eyed_lensThis is one of my fav #AintILatina posts! Appreciate you sharing this mejor Numada. 😊
  • four_eyed_lensP.S. Happy Garifuna-American Heritage Month to you and la familia.
  • kglopez_🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳
  • janelm@four_eyed_lens Awww, you used it perfectly too my dear numada!!! ❤😊
  • getsavageLove it
  • calebaaronburnsLove your page! Keep making great content 😄💯
  • latpro_comThis is nice :)
  • theconsciouschick😍 Adorable.
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