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  • reneehollowell09In case anyone was wondering what a cat with a bad cold and stuffy nose sounds like.........

  • ariaimagesPoor sweetheart.
  • ariaimagesDid the vet say if a humidifier would help? I've used them for when my kitten had a bad respiratory infection and it helped her a lot.
  • brianyesh😟
  • kellibargertye😢
  • reneehollowell09@ariaimages yes. We have been putting him in the bathroom with a humidifier.
  • reneehollowell09The vet gave us benadryl shots to give him. His nose looks dry now but normally he blows little snot bubbles as he exhales.
  • ariaimages@reneehollowell09 aww 😔 I'm glad he's on the mend.
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