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  • adedameeI'm feeling myself though 🤗 And this song isn't helping 😇 Definately on replay for daaaaysss cuz good vibes only! "COLOURS# @marseze @iambarzini

  • marseze@iam_alex6ix COLOURS by Mars and Barzini. Link in my bio
  • akosuaserwaa40My sister I hope reconciliation is in process. 80% married go through some tough situations. Don't let evil deeds get you. I pray that God will make way to solve your differences.
  • doctor.mindaAlways beautiful Dami
  • _okailey_U are very stupid @folashade_babe and your moda too
  • afua_babySexy mama🙌
  • bauer_muminI can see sadness tru ur eyes
  • toskey855I love you babe
  • kcarhLol. ..r u on heat?
  • cynthia_ishMy dear dammy!!! You are hot, sexy and bad ass on a low key and a good WOMAN 😉. What more can a man ask for?! Don't let nothing kill your Vibes or bring sadness into this beautiful life that God has given you. No human should have such powers over your 😍
  • gbemiphillipsAhn ahn e leyi le gan o oremi
  • iamconstanceky@ama_sey you're stupid so to speak smh
  • miss_somi_89@amywinedarl come and see urself
  • iamconstanceky@ama_sey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you still mad or not😜😜😜
  • amywinedarlCc @miss_somi_89 yess😂😂😂, everyone says that o
  • ify_babiiThis song has been on repeat since I saw this post.... good stuff👌👌👌
  • belle_amuOmg @ify_babii tot I was the only one. Mine is worse cos iv just been singing the part on the video and trying to remember where I heard it from. Cos I heard it first here and fell in love with it.
  • ify_babiiSame here... I heard it here first. @belle_amu
  • olamitibosipo💋💋
  • weeeny_fredyou are so beautiful!
  • pinixyMa ur pretty wanna be like u when I grow up lol
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