• sunnyandersonNo timbs at the Thames, but still wins 'neath my shins. Walk with me. Walt Whit me. Rock wit me, but don't chalk fit me. #sunnyphotoshoe-t

  • mamakat_49I love the black and black/silver (not sure the name of the color)! I just bought my daughter the white with rose gold. I think the 3D metal ties caps are only sold in England. That's where hers were shipped from. 🖤🖤
  • xxxthisbishherexxxThe caption tho.
  • manemanblog@tortugavoladora85 the caption lol
  • tortugavoladora85@manemanblog squad goals
  • raichgadsThere is a restaurant called Le Pont de la Tour right near the tower bridge that was delicious! Shad Thames. So jealous! I hope you're having fun! You look like you are LOL 😘
  • tjwow50Where do we find the shoes from last week with bronze top? Can't find on internet.
  • tjwow50@mamakat_49 where did you find the bronze ( I think) sunny posted last week? Gorgeous.
  • mamakat_49@tjwow50 They call them "rose gold 3D metal toe caps". Yes, they are exactly like she posted last week. The website is asos.com. Hope this helps!
  • pam_persinger_walkerSweet kicks have fun
  • songbirdlee337I have those
  • 2dalu👊🏽👊🏽
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