Oh haaaiii!!! Right now...we're craftin and using cans in fun ways, #TheKitchen  @foodnetwork ❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉
  • sunnyandersonOh haaaiii!!! Right now...we're craftin and using cans in fun ways, #TheKitchen @foodnetwork ❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉❤☉

  • joeyno9@gzchef yours was my favorite!!! Love you ALL!! Miss seeing @chefmarcela while she's home with her babies.
  • canyouplease.ltLike the idea
  • pam_persinger_walkerLoved the show as always and I will be making your casserole I love fried rice. Thanks for doing what you do.
  • satoriprimeGreat share!
  • kuhleanuh_lfkI cannot get enough of your "Nunya Business" recipes. 😂😂 I love your sass so much, it gives me life!!
  • scp428They look nice
  • melange7Barbecue cocktail? Yes please! Great pantry drink!
  • farmers_daughternsc_Awsome soooo awsome jist started my two girls a cookie cutter collection... Will be fun to show them these!✌❤
  • iamdcoxSaw you do this earlier this AM. Cute idea
  • ceciiii2003Genius!
  • kcaprihwlove a great recycling idea for the kitchen
  • crystals_lilyHow was the avocado oil and do u suggest to replace it in lieu of olive oil in some dressings? Lemmie know what "SUNNY SUGGEST" Omg I love that "SUNNYp
  • crystals_lily"Sunny Suggest" I love it haha #EffCancer u should have a segment called that lol Ur welcome haha
  • tkorte65@sunnyanderson would like your honest thought on the avocado oil....🙄
  • napleseatsI loved your fried chicken rice recipe...so easy and looked tasty!! when you come to Naples Florida you have to come over and we'll do our Hibachi style fried rice😙💆💃🍲
  • insta.hofieYou're amazing! I need a gif of your face when you tried GZs BBQ tequila drink. You we're so happy!
  • iamsexy1holly@sunnyanderson I use that same rice and no one knows I've cheated.... I'm with you I don't have to prove I can to anyone.... I've actually used it to make your pork fried rice from years ago lol #thankyou
  • joshklingerYou=Superstar!
  • sunnyanderson@crystals_lily it was good, but too expensive and gentle for me.
  • crystals_lilyThanks 😆 enjoy the rest of ur trip
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