• kristylee15Well, yesterday was a sad day for me. I found a really good home for Venom. This amazing girl Jayci is going to be running him in poles in HS Rodeo. It was a tough decision to let him go but they are such nice people and I know they will love him so much!
    Hard to let one of my babies go, but when you make goals in life you have to sometimes make sacrifices to make them happen. Good luck Jayci and Venom!!!! They are pole bending today infact, in a rodeo for the first time! They were nice enough to let me retain some breedings to him, so I can have a baby Venom! Good luck you two #goals #sadday

  • lfastponiesAdulting is a bummer😢 She is a very lucky little girl💗
  • jencitaAww :(
  • lee_b48😐😢
  • speedylebron17What state does she rodeo in?
  • kristylee15@speedylebron17 Texas. She holds the record for most consecutive wins I think ?
  • speedylebron17How old is she?
  • kristylee15@speedylebron17 13
  • joelie_boenkerYesterday was a sad day for all of us!!😢🤧
  • countrycitizen13The horse looks sad 😢😢😭
  • sampsonwifeYou made him a great horse! 😊
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