Legend. Architect. He built the tools that built the house. Rock on forever. #RIP Chuck Berry
  • johnmayerLegend. Architect. He built the tools that built the house. Rock on forever. #RIP Chuck Berry

  • jenny_d23@karleeholden #karleeformayer
  • armisticebandofficialGuitar cover of Why Georgia on our page. Plus more. Check it out!
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  • m_p4dStill trying to get that black card back i see
  • the.doll.venueCuz...we've been fooled Chuck Berry is the Architect! @dreambelievah
  • mariamarquieguiYou already know we are going to make this happen #karleeformayer @karleeholden @johnmayer
  • stefaniedargphotographyHey pals, I need your help! On January 24th, one of my dear friends, Kayleigh Shannon, passed away suddenly from a medical condition called LQTS. May her spirit stay forever young💫🌈💕 Kayleigh was in her second year at the University of Guelph, and was studying Biomedical Engineering; in hopes to one day design prosthetics for children. All she truly wanted to do, was help people. So now, its time that we do something for her, and in turn warm the hearts of her loved ones. Kayleigh absolutely adored John Mayer, and it was something that her and her Dad, Dean Shannon, always bonded over. At Kayleigh's celebration of life, her dad actually preformed the song "You're gonna live Forever in Me" by John Mayer. John Mayer is coming to Toronto on April 3rd, and Kayleighs family has floor seats. It will be an amazing night to reminisce on the music she loved and feel so connected with her. BUT what would make this night even MORE better, is if we could get John Mayer to dedicate his song "Daughters" in loving memory of Kayleigh. The reason why I say Daughters, is because Kayleigh's dad had always planned on playing it at her wedding one day. I know this is a huge long shot, but we need all the help we can get! Could you either share this post to John Mayers Facebook, tag him in this post, and/or take a screenshot of this and post it on your twitter and tag John Mayer in hopes that he will see this? It would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!
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  • xotiffaniro@johnmayer @karleeholden #karleeformayer
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  • whatusmenlike🙏🙏🙏🙏
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  • orodriguez1087This pic almost looks like your display pic
  • tricialkingsleyAnd child rapist.
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