21 years ago today.
  • theprodigyfanboy21 years ago today.

  • rcthompson73I remember buying it the day it came out 💣💥👵🔥
  • sid5100Remember it first chord on BBC radi o 1 kicked in knew it was gonna be massive
  • lordsidious66Fuck it only feels like yesterday we were celebrating its 20th anniversary...year gone by already...DAMN!!! Best song and best music video ever!!!
  • barryaallenMolotov Bitch is better than most band's A-Sides too.
  • jameslock76Jeez I feel old!! 😁😁 I remember the Empirion remix as well, awesome!! 😁😁
  • anthony__escaliente@katejka2002 🎉.
  • hypertext_fictionI remember hearing this while playing WipeOut on PS1
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