• theviperroomHail Sagan (ex-Powerman 5000), Raven Black - Band and Apollo On Fire take over The Viper Room Saturday March 25th!
    Tickets on sale now www.ticketbat.com

  • rick_ice325Hail
  • davyj341They look like death eaters
  • grimmdhatesyouSome sort of bootleg ass looking version of GHOST.
  • thehamsterwheel@grimmdhatesyou Hater alert. I wonder what your band looks like. Oh wait. It's not doing very well. Sorry about that. Maybe try your hand at landscaping instead.
  • saganamery@grimmdhatesyou Thanks for the compliment!! @thebandghost is worth several million. 🤘🏻😈 So my bootleg version should be worth at least a million!!
  • creative_ninjaAwesome
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