• lordloweA day of two accidents (continued from previous post):
    Accident No.2: It's been pretty blustery all day and, this afternoon, we had a date on an airfield (a story for another time). As we were setting up the first photograph I heard @johnels cry, "Oh shit!" followed by the most horrific crashing sound. A gust of wind had whipped the back of the heavy tripod and 112 year old camera, hurling it to the ground — in a split second smashing the front standard to pieces, twisting the brass fittings, denting the beautiful old lens and jamming its diaphragm. In those moments, I thought that the mission had come to an abrupt end. Again, I felt sick at the sight before me. My trusty camera now smashed and bruised with three more lifeboat stations still to go on #LSP12.
    However, when I realised there was an immaculate workshop to hand, we rallied. The A Team theme tune — remember that? — circulated in my head as we worked against the odds. Inside two hours, all the damaged parts were dismantled, repaired, fettled and rectified. Yes, including the lens. We felt so triumphant. The mission continues!
    #LifeboatStationProject #jeopardy

  • latsapWow. Don't make em like the used to! Well done team!
  • ponydingdong2 near misses in a day! Wow. Fingers, legs and everything else crossed no 3rd one! 😉
  • muman54Bravo. Good for you.
  • davidhiggsphotographyBeen there, done that, it's a horrible sound
  • glynsgalleryAwesome tenacity Jack - so happy that you didn't have to abandon mission
  • cheeseluvrA Team indeed - amazing rally! (Neena's totally the new A Team van too) 💪🏼🙏🏼
  • jamwrightsHoly shit. My heart is racing.
  • lbd_fotoYour a genius! Amazing 👊
  • ash_willertonVictory in the face of adversity! Great news mate, glad you got it sorted. Going to make a great chapter in the book!
  • coutureeditionsBrilliant
  • henmania@lordlowe @johnels and the music played on! #LSP12 #notforthefainthearted #nervesshottoshit
  • matwatkinsDid you make a canon that fired cabbages @lordlowe (one of the most ridiculous creations of BA's welding torch). So glad all is ok now, when I saw the post by john I did have a lurch in my stomach. Big 👍🏻for a quality field repair!
  • jetstreamjonnyWith courage nothing is impossible 👊🏼
  • rogermaxwellscottWith tape, glue, blades, ingenuity and determination, everything is possible.
  • hlcwilsonWell done!
  • badgerwebbI heard of yr earlier calamity too. Well done for soldiering on! Bet the sea is very dramatic down there!
  • lennylawesPhewwww
  • try_tri_againAwesome recovery. What a team!
  • gothiccocaroachI love this post! I couldn't imagine your feelings in that moment as the camera fell!
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