• ansley_snapsVerdict: B+
    Definitely spicy. Can't drink a lot of it at one time. Lucky for me, half of it exploded from the bottle the second I put the bottle opener on it 😳
    #srirachastout #brewery #brew #stout #sriracha

  • boymeetsbeerCheers! 🍻
  • roguealesThanks for giving it a try @ansley_snaps. Sorry to hear it exploded. Would you mind emailing us & just letting us know where you got it & what happened? We'd like to alert our sales team. joerogue[at]rogue[dot]com
  • ansley_snaps@rogueales thanks for commenting. It certainly was a surprise! I'll let them know what happened. I love trying your adventurous flavors, and your bottle designs are my favorite!
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