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  • howtohealabadbirthA lovely and courageous reader has posted this little video accompanying her insights about what she is discovering through reading our book. Thank you so much @wrapupmyscotch for sharing this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Repost with @repostapp
    This book.
    Taking the journey to healing. When you realize the reason you feel angry is because you feel guilty, and the reason you feel guilty is you think you should 'just be grateful' but you're not entirely 'just' grateful, you're grateful but also you're injured. Then you further realize what injured you, it is then, when you discover where the wounds are, that assessment and healing can begin. I'm realizing through reading this book and unfolding my journey, where and why I am hurting. I highly recommend it.
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    @howtohealabadbirth thank you again ❤

  • duochdinbebisHow could I possibly order a book to Sweden @howtohealabadbirth?
  • howtohealabadbirth@duochdinbebis probably the best way to Sweden is via Amazon.de I think. Here's the link : https://www.amazon.de/ and just search for "how to heal a bad birth". I just did and found it straight away. Thanks so much for your interest in our book xx
  • duochdinbebisI ordered it for my client work! Fantastic, thank you so much @howtohealabadbirth
  • howtohealabadbirth@duochdinbebis thank YOU!! We wish you all the best in your work supporting women ❤️❤️
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