Social media has such a great potential to spread love/positivity and create a positive communication link to people all over the world. But sadly, a lot of the time it is a battle ground where insults fly back and forth. Spreading hatred for entertainment.. Words have the potential to heal or to hurt.  People don't realize how damaging social media can really be if used this way. It can destroy a persons self esteem and a persons sense of self worth. But on a positive note, I have connected with some really awesome people because of social media. Despite all the negativity that comes with it, there comes so much positivity/inspiration also. I am just feeling very thankful today for all of you who choose to spread kindness and uplift me and others every single day. I am so proud to have connected with like minded individuals who do what they love everyday and genuinely care. I appreciate you and I'm sure others do too. Thank you💜✨🌌🤘🏼#positivity #spreadlove #bethechange #selflove #gratitude #namaste #iloveyou #thankful #weareone #onelove #thankyou #changetheworld #alldoneup #nofilter #happystpattys
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