It was an honor to paint and create Frederik Andersen's St Pats / Toronto Maple Leafs mask🍀. A design created in green and white in a very classic way. We brainstormed how to build the design and we came up with a plan🤔. It is all inspired from the beautiful St Pats uniform🍀. I started to paint with my airbrushes. And when you come closer you will discover all the details and the mask transforms into a true Storyteller mask📕. The mask is a tribute to Maple Leafs legends with an Irish descent🍀. I created sketches of the legends on the mask like a treasure map✍🏻. It was a truly honor to paint and draw this Storybook📕. Thank you Frederik! I am so proud to be your personal mask artist🎨🙏🏻. @frederikandersen31 @mapleleafs #DaveArt #nhl #DaveArtTheCradleOfCreativity @nhl #DaveArtTheMaskNerd 🤓 #DaveArtTransformMasksIntoStories 📕
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