• ohlovelydayHave you heard of a capsule wardrobe? I've been toying with the idea of one for a while, since I pretty much rotate the same few pieces over and over. But committing to it means investing in pieces I love and that flatter me and not buying all the "stuff" -- the 'on sale' stuff and the 'on trend' stuff and the 'that will be so cute once I lose baby weight' stuff. I think moms could really benefit from simplifying their wardrobes, because we have enough on our plates already. So I have been working on a post for months and months (it was originally meant to be fall/winter focused and now is more multi-seasonal) and finally hit "publish" today sharing how to create a capsule wardrobe. This isn't so much an experiment in my own capsule wardrobe, but more a list of tips and wardrobe options for other mothers to build a capsule wardrobe of their own. I bet you already have a few staple pieces. I've tagged some of the brands I included that may be off the beaten path and have a full shopping guide on the blog.
    Would you ever do a capsule wardrobe, or have you? What do you think of creating a core momiform of good-quality staples? I'd love to have you read the post and share your thoughts and tips as well!
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  • kozyandcoOh I can't wait to read this! I am fascinated by the idea of a capsule wardrobe!
  • 600sqftandababyOh yes I'm trying to do this too! It's such a good idea and so many different ways to go about it. Looking forward to reading your approach !
  • mollypcdOoh great post!
  • scarvesandcardigansYes!! I've been toying with this idea for so long and I'm ready to just do it!
  • savorgoodlook forward to reading! I'd love to have a capsule wardrobe, but it is always so tempting to buy the cheaper clothes.
  • growinggiddyLove this look! Please share more of your capsule wardrobe. I've been thinking about it too since I generally wear the same thing everyday as a sahm.
  • elana.lepkowskiI love the idea of this. I tried doing a pregnancy one but now I have an almost 2 month old so...🤦‍♀️ Going to try again with a "nursing capsule". Those @loyal_hana shirts you've recommended are 🙌💯
  • heymamacaseYes!! Love the idea of a capsule! I've done halfway versions of it. Makes getting dressed everyday so much easier. So glad to have your guidance!
  • maisonmidiLove your feed!
  • lelemurphy@brookenurthen hey! Do you have any places you recommend selling your clothes? I have tons of 'nice' things but need tips on where to sell... I need a simple solution though. Thanks!
  • brookenurthen@lelemurphy hey! What I've done is find Facebook 'buy swap sell' or 'buy sell trade' / BST groups for that particular brand. I've had luck with all the brands I've wanted to sell so far, and I've sold like 90% of the things I wanted to sell. It's easy because it's person to person, no fees etc like eBay. I hope that helps! Good luck!!
  • eliseknowlesI'm so a capsule wardrobe girl but I'm waiting to start it officially until I pop this baby out, right now I need all the fluff just to keep clothes 🙈
  • ohlovelyday@m_e_l_t_o_w_n it's funny - I haven't even read the book but I just have the overwhelming urge to purge all the things and simplify everything. I think I've turned minimalist in my old age 😂
  • ohlovelyday@lelemurphy @brookenurthen I use thread up as well. Probably make less that way but it's easy and I make more than just donating outright. Just order a bag from them, throw it all in, they give you money and either send back what they don't want or donate it for you. Not sponsored 😂
  • brookenurthen@ohlovelyday @lelemurphy another cool thing we don't have in Australia 😑👍🏻
  • house_of_douglasYes!! I'm working on a capsule wardrobe of my own too. Slowly but surely! I have so much to donate 🙈
  • m_e_l_t_o_w_n@ohlovelyday you should read it! Her ideas aren't perfect, but she does make it easier to let things go. Even as a maximalist I find some of her ideas helpful. I am much more mindful of what I allow in my house, and I still use a lot of her organization tips (I had to scrap some of them...it's clear that the book isn't written from a mom's perspective).
  • curatedcapsules<3
  • withstylegracei've thought about it so many times, but never actually tried. it'd probably be really good for me. but i like to shop, when i want to shop 😬
  • messyjessiebkThis is my life. I didn't know there was a fancy word to describe it. I just thought I was lazy lol
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