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  • kaepernick7We got the plane! Now it's time to raise money to help get food and water to the people of Somalia. You can donate on the go fund me page, the link is in my bio. This was done out of Love, so we are using the hashtag #LoveArmyForSomalia

  • collater.al⚡️👌🏻⚡️
  • _broncos.365_When the national anthem is playing, you stand your lazy ass up, for all of the men and women that keep you getting millions of dollars in this. Can I make myself any clearer?
  • x.fentyIf they dont support you. I will🙌😊😊💜
  • chisheffBro I have Mad Respect for You & Things Your Doing! Love this guy! No Homo!
  • its_tatyana_❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛
  • naturalred1983@_broncos.365_ I guess he's supposed to actually do what you say. Please stop!
  • ferrar01The real hero. Idk how some people can be so against helping the ones in need! At least his try, what are u doing? Stop judging and get to doing some good deeds
  • bodystudioskincarePretty sweet
  • nunoobrasigriffinWhy they hatin on him. If he want to kneel let him do what he wants
  • direfordesire@rickytanner87 then bye, this is natives land 💪🏻
  • direfordesire@callsign_nobody_ google who won demographically in uneducated voters. Hows that for FACTS
  • _broncos.365_@ferrar01 @naturalred1983 the real heroes are the ones who lay their lives down so we can live. Freedom is not free
  • mariomenoscal@direfordesire which dicks in my mouth? Is this best you can do?
  • direfordesire@mariomenoscal no its not, you wanna go you rotten toothed cave bitch
  • jwdavis2000Dude cut your damn hair
  • mariomenoscal@direfordesire you have been fighting every comment in the pic, troll much? No Life?
  • direfordesire@mariomenoscal no life? You come here to spew hate to a video of a man donating his money to save millions of lives. Satan much??👹
  • toojend@rickytanner87 lmao who's "our" ? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • blkgirl.blog@bransinbeatz your logic and reasoning is ignorant, pure ignorance
  • blkgirl.blogLove what you're doing Colin, I stand behind you because you kneeled for us🔥
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