Who said vegans couldn't have cheeses? Cheese doesn't have to be made out of cow's or goat's milk to actually be called cheese. And lucky us, there are some kick ass vegan cheeses out there waiting for us! 🧀

    On my platter:
    vegan camembert and clover cheese (happy St. Patrick's btw) both from Happy Cheeze, vegan parmesan by @violife_foods and some vegan goat style cheese from @vegnatureng I brought with me from home.
    Olives and dried tomatoes from the street market, medjool dates, nuts and quick pickled radishes (cut radishes pickled in apple cider vinegar for a few hours).

  • odilejp@joeysplate ça l'était!
  • odilejp@cath_fd c'était fou fou! Mais le meilleur pour vrai étaot le vegnature!
  • odilejp@gabstersmitty thanks Gabrielle!
  • odilejp@ehvegan yes I do hihi!
  • odilejp@carrotsandflowers thanks Megan! I can't have them often cause vegan cheese can get pretty expensive, but once in a while, it's always amazing!
  • odilejp@heleneandmilo haha, c'est super simple! J'ai dilué de peu le vinaigre de cidre par contre, avec de l'eau. Je les laisse 'mariner' qques heures seulement et ils sont prêts. Mais ça se garde au frigo pendant plusieurs jours aussi, dans leur marinade
  • odilejp@thecomfortingvegan thanks dear! 💛
  • odilejp@sculptedpilates hihi thanks Sarah! 😙
  • odilejp@viedelavegan thanks Kyra! And you're so right! It's crazy how much more.vegan cheeses we can find these days. And they are actually pretty good too!
  • odilejp@raving_rawganic haha come over Jenny, I'll share it with you! 😂
  • vegnaturengWow, beautiful photo ! Thanks ! :-)
  • inspiredbynickMy life will not be complete until I try one of these vegan cheeses!!! And ps I love that blood orange you carved out like that! 😍😍😍
  • cath_fd@odilejp yé vegnature for the win 💛💛
  • benineskitchenLooks delicious
  • brucesrootsYup. That's heaven.
  • goveganwithjessWow.. that cheese looks amazing 😍
  • allshedoesiseat_Wow looks amazing!
  • choosingchiaLooks so yummy!!
  • kindcoconutblogAhhhh soooo dreamy!!!!
  • vanipixieYum!!
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