• jasonlanierphotographyGoing back to Cuba for a workshop next month! LIVE STREAM EVENT tonight on my Facebook Group Page to discuss it all at 6pm Pacific!


    #jasonlanier #cuba #workshops

  • root_summerYour ass is not cold?😱😱😱
  • imkvisualsIt's like time was frozen in Havana at around mid 50s, nothing has aged. I'll go there one day!
  • longfieldstudiosAs this just sprung up on my Instagram! I did my fist Sony A7s shoot on Thursday and am totally sold. Am making the switch this week, purely through watching your you tube channel @jasonlanierphotography goodby Canon, you've been good!
  • fatihakcay1🙊😀👏
  • digitalfilm.coThanks for all you do Jason. More than the technical stuff you discuss, for being such a decent guy. Your character comes through loud and clear. Aloha!
  • mikmaanMan, were there at the same time, wedding there. Timing is nutty @jasonlanierphotography Finished the night at La Guarida. If you haven't been, go 🙌🏾😊
  • kaycee_l_smithI want to go with you @jasonlanierphotography
  • hearttoheartphotosi will be your assistant :)
  • kenham63It amazes me to see the photos from Cuba, its as if you stumbled into a place locked in a time long ago
  • ttgagnon20photographyDid Jason fall down go boom😂💜💯 jk hope you have fun
  • seareanmoonismeAlmost love this, but the taxi throws it off somehow, but awesome otherwise!
  • immortal_formJason, been following you for a few years and I'm actually watching your YouTube video now about converting to Sony (totally agree Nikon needs to upgrade their game, and I've been tempted for a while by the mirrorless cams and I shoot Nikon). Just wanted to give a shout out and say, great channel and great artwork! Have a fantastic time in Cuba, man! 🙏👏👏👏
  • jinwoo_seongThis post is good
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