• kamoleaLIVING in shorts & rompers these past few days because it's been gorgeous out. also, helloooo spring break! i'll probably be reading, sleeping, or driving somewhere fun ... who knows!? ••• #studentlife #springbreak #weallcan #aeostyle

  • lindseymsaxonyour jumper is adorable!!
  • americaneagleLove this pic! Real style is in the doing… we’d love to share yours and empower more individuals to show their true self. That means sharing your photo in emails, social media, webset, and stores. Reply #yesAEO in a new comment to agree http://on.ae.com/2cEWGow
  • kamolea@americaneagle #yesAEO
  • vivalavgodyI love this!! Do you mind me telling me what size you got?
  • kamolea@vivalavgody if i could wear this everyday i so would. it's so comfy and cute. i got an XXS (i usually wear an XS in dresses & a S in sleeveless rompers for AEO). the sleeves tend to run a little bit long so that's why i sized down.
  • vivalavgodyThank you so much!! I'll def be ordering both colors lol
  • aliciageniacThis pic is in their latest email girl 😭😍👏
  • kamoleawhaaaa?!?! are you serious? that's so cool!!! @aliciageniac
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