• homeiswhatyoumakeitwhat do you do while your dad is in surgery? venture a few blocks away for "the best ice cream ever"...according to the kids!

  • agassnerI agree with them! Really want to try the current flavor with chocolate chip covered potato chips.
  • homeiswhatyoumakeit@agassner i tried a taste of it! it's good! this was our first visit. 😊
  • trashleypiggsStill need to visit this place...
  • sheliamaiaI haven't been in forever! Random question: How old are your kiddos?!
  • alischubertThat's Bea's favorite corner. Ice cream. Toy store. What more does a kid need?
  • snider.loveWhen I was in Portland for a week... we ventured here twice! It was so so so good!!!
  • tophercatSend us your rain!
  • homeiswhatyoumakeit@tophercat i wish i could! we would gladly take your sunshine and warm temps!
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