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  • rapradar@troubleman31 vs. fan 😂 via @_goldengalaxy #ti

  • richdellacrimHe prolly was in a bad mood it be like that
  • baduds25😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • burrbrii@lonestar_legend
  • bobby_ray_01She go signing like shit when she was about do the same thing lol,
  • whoisab@sweardagod look at all 3 videos #tip had a point tho.... fa real fa real
  • edred714Don't be famous den 😒
  • farealmusicMy boy Tip a real 1 frfr aha Sound like me @marzgotbarz_
  • mh_numba_23@loyaltyovalove7 facts💯😂
  • lolitas247You don't know me. Lmbo Yes TI
  • 760bhicksRespect to that nigga Ti man that nigga checked homie like a man suppose to no security out there Rollin solo dolo while he checking niggas respect to him. One of the only real nigga left in the game ... Not my favorite rapper but salute to a real 1 pimp.
  • jordanlovesadsI wasn't there so I obviously don't have all the context but he could've handled this way differently. This man looked like a big fan. He could've just let dude take his selfies til he was done pumping and been on his way. Now he not only looks like a dick to that fan but probably many others too. People like that man are a huge part of the reason he is where he is. And like another post said, I DOUBT he treats his white fans that way.
  • ju.da.mentalhe had the nerve to say "you got more money to get it painted" aint that some shit
  • 89_instrumentals@jordanlovesads wrong bro.. that man may have payed for his music (may have) but he didn't pay to be all in his personal space like that. Do different things. T.I. is in a very vulnerable positiob right there. And that dude was making it weird. Poo
  • 89_instrumentals*point blank
  • jordanlovesads@89_instrumentals Yeah that may be true but when you try to shit on niggas like that, especially in front of a woman, male ego comes into play. He probably made himself more vulnerable responding that way. You can tell the guy was embarrassed. I feel like he really could've just pumped and been like "have a good day" and went about his way.
  • jordanlovesads@89_instrumentals and I'm just now seeing there are 3 parts! Lol. I didn't know you could do that on IG. He made that a dangerous situation for himself. His attitude led to "ego aggression" from the other dude trying to bandage up his bruised feelings.
  • jswish6@yungdark1 ya mighta seen me in the streets homie u dont know me 🙅🏽‍♂️
  • wildlemonhead@youniversoulone @marcfranklin grown ass man
  • pengestmunchYou tell 'em T!
  • whoisab@rizm_bob
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