The staircase that all staircases aspire to be when they grow up.
  • claraparkesThe staircase that all staircases aspire to be when they grow up.

  • herbanknitterLovely!
  • somervillechocolatecsaI'm assuming the people who were sitting in those chairs before you took the picture got up and left because you kept dropping.....oh....never mind.
  • claraparkes@somervillechocolatecsa It's the perfect setup for that.
  • tedthebloodhoundBeautiful 😊
  • zannydeeLovely shot. Lovely staircase. Lovely carpet. Ahhhhh.....
  • annmcgeeI have no idea where you are but I wish I was there....
  • daughterofagnesLooks like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie
  • ysoldaPlease tell me someone has shot a horror movie in this place.
  • mysterygloWow!
  • therealrebeccadiamondThe gaps between my worship are getting shorter...(please tell me somebody else watches Doctor Who, too 😂)
  • adriennemartiniThere's a great Anthony Bourdain episode where he and Eric Ripert hang out there.
  • moondancecolorHave attended an event there. It is lovely but a bit creepy.
  • stebs65You used to be able to go all the way up and onto the roof. Idk if you still can.
  • cheryllombardo701I believe Stephen King had a room here...also ... maybe something to do with The Shining...
  • sabogradI have that same photo from my visit in October. How did I not know of the knitting weekend????
  • melliebirdThis place is now very high on my Places to go and see list. It's amazing!!
  • sirsheilaIt's lovely, but I don't recognize it...where is it...?
  • mannagmjjWater balloons AWAY!!!
  • kpage222As a young knitter, I would sit and knit in the lounge by the lake, thanks for taking me back in time
  • keiyam1Redrum redrum redrum
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