• insatiabletravelerThis is what an angry #alligator looks like. I wish I had video because if I did you’d be able to hear a very loud hiss emanating from the depths of its being. (I had no idea that gators hissed.) I was lying on my stomach at the front of an airboat in the Florida Everglades photographing him which floated about 2.5.ft above the water line.

    I dig alligators, crocodiles too. Something about their prehistoric vibe that fascinates me. Anyhoo, I was laying on the boat and the driver had cut the engine, allowing us glide toward the alligator through the reeds. As we approached, the 7 foot #reptile felt threatened and very clearly hissed at me, opening his mouth to show his pointy teeth. My stepmother and a few other passengers were whispered “Sit back, he may hurt you!” I was thinking, this darn alligator is not going to hurl himself out of the water to attack me. I mean, that seemed a bit too much, so I ignored them. Plus, the captain didn’t seem too worried. Then we got closer and the hissing became louder and once again my stepmother said, “get back, he’s going to attack you.” With a roll of my eyes, I looked at the captain. “Please tell my stepmother that this alligator is not going to risk rising up out of the water and fling himself onto this boat.” The captain looked at me and said, “sure he would.” What?!! Then deadpan, he said, “I’m watching him and he’s angry but not THAT angry. But he’s getting there. I’ll let you know when I think he might go for your face.” I sat back.

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